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MITA Can Be Agile - Sabot Presents at MESC 2019 in Chicago

October 24, 2019

Starting in 2018 Sabot was tapped by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Office of HIPAA Compliance (OHC), to implement a more inclusive and transparent approach for managing the development of the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) enterprise architecture. In response, Sabot stood up and matured a management structure using the Scrum methodology to promote architecture development as a strategic yet responsive program.

In partnership with OHC and the National Medicaid Enterprise Hub (NMEH), Sabot presented MITA Can Be Agile at the 2019 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) in Chicago. Sabot shared with audience members the trials and successes of applying an Agile mindset to strategic planning and architecture development, with a focus on sharing lessons learned that can be picked up and leveraged in any organization to speed up delivery of their programs.

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