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Sabot’s Service Excellence Program [SSEP]

Sabot’s Service Excellence Program (SSEP) is a holistic, systematic, and practical organizational development program with the aim of continuously improving the delivery (better quality, faster delivery, and more cost effective) of products or services.

Organizational Development (OD) focuses on aligning structures and processes to rapidly changing and complex environments, through learning, knowledge management, and transformation of norms and values towards influencing work behavior and motivation.

While encompassing the principles, spirit, and drive of “People First – engaging, enabling, and supporting towards success” – this program is designed to assist leaders and their teams to transform towards excellence in everything they do.

It has, as its foundation, global best practices taken from valid, reliable research. Methodologies, tools, and techniques in the program have been tried and tested with proven success.


Service excellence is a long-term commitment to being customer-centric and optimizing business results by simultaneously engaging people and streamlining processes, systems, and structures. The SSEP:

  • Merges the philosophies and methodologies of good governance requirements in the public sector with competitive strategies used in the private sector.
  • Improves organizational culture through practical tools and techniques that convert strategies into meaningful practices and desired behavior.
  • It is a focused drive, across the entire organization, towards service excellence.
  • It makes life easier by simplifying business objectives and aligning all frontline teams with meaningful performance management towards improved service delivery.
  • Ensures value for money through identification and elimination of waste, removing duplication and bureaucracy resulting in better, faster, cheaper, and safer service delivery.
  • Creates learning organizations – an enabled, empowered culture rooted in skills development, lifelong learning, teamwork, engagement, and participation.
  • Equips leaders and teams with problem solving and continuous improvement tools.