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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are, for most, the backbone of an organization’s ability to deliver goods and services to their customers. Any changes with these systems and processes are critically impactful and truly transformational and when executed well, with the right management, advice, and experience. Sabot is uniquely positioned to align their deep understanding of multiple ERP technology and process stacks with your needs, drawing from extensive experience to ensure your ERP journey is efficient and value driven..

Sabot provides a suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Transformation advisory services focused on empowering management to plan and implement sound strategic decisions. NEW PARA - Transformation Advisory Services throughout the ERP Lifecycle are organized into four areas:

  • Initiate. Business development and RFP/RFQ/selection consultancy
  • Develop. Independent advisory and program delivery services
  • Implement. Rescue/Turn Down services and SME/management of staff augmentation
  • Sustain. On-going advocacy and sustainment consultancy

Sabot has successfully fulfilled wide variety of client needs; as an independent, objective, third party overseeing your staff, the Solution Integrator, and the software vendor; the delivery team; or assistance at the startup of an ERP intervention. Sabot has a proven track record of being we are a valuable resource, helping clients navigate one of the largest efforts any company is to undertake.