Sabot Criminal Justice


Sabot’s Criminal Justice professionals are readily available to conduct an assessment of three critical areas:

  1. Federal/State/County Prisons/Jails custody operations (Conditions of Confinement, ADA, Use of Force, Access to Healthcare, LBGTQI P and Ps)
  2. Information Technology (IT) Readiness, as it relates to prisons/jails/probation/parole

The assessment in each area will consist of three sections:

  1. Baseline: current state baseline detailing the operational status, performance, policies, processes, staffing, and structure
  2. Gap Analysis: identifying areas in need of attention, efficiency opportunities, risks, and gaps with respect to minimum 8th Amendment Constitutional standards and NCCHC best practice standards.
  3. Findings and Recommendations: specific recommended corrective actions designed to address gaps, reduce risks, improve efficiency, and achieve compliance.