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Sabot Criminal Justice

Sabot’s Criminal Justice Services offer comprehensive consulting services to Federal, State, and County corrections custody and community corrections operations to ensure that those governmental entities are delivering constitutional, cost effective, and evidence-based programs that maximize public safety and minimize risk to the communities they serve.

Sabot provides consulting services by highly trained subject matter experts, averaging over 20 years of experience including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Business consulting, project management and oversight
  • Information Systems development for corrections including, but not limited to, parole, due process, ADA, and housing
  • Correctional medical, mental health, and dental systems development, oversight and compliance monitoring
  • Line-level and executive-level development, assessment management and oversight of adult and juvenile correctional custody, security and program operations.
  • Line-level and executive-level law enforcement, and parole department management experience
  • Significant experience in the development of and oversight of drug courts and other non-court-based problem-solving courts
  • Expertise in evidence-based practices in adult/juvenile parole/probation/custody programs including risk/needs instruments
  • Expertise in the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act, and Developmentally Disabled programs.
  • Expertise in developing and accessing inmate classification and housing.
  • Expertise in risk/litigation management and responding to court orders.

Sabot’s staffing model leverages the firm’s deep experience, proven methodologies, and suite of tools and templates while applying specialized experts to provide the detailed domain knowledge needed. This mix of seasoned management consultant leadership and highly specialized experts will produce a level of quality and results not achievable with any other model.