People Practices

Team Development

The purpose of Team Development is to stimulate workplace morale towards galvanizing team activities beyond the strength of managing organizational objectives.  

An organization’s structure is dynamic and continually responds to change.  As an organization realigns its strategies to the requirements of the customer or business environment demands, teams may have to be structured or restructured to optimize organizational effectiveness.  Organizational structuring may include one, or a combination of, structures, e.g., functional, hierarchical, flat, matrix, team-based, or other structures. The organizational structure ensures the correct business focus, enables the achievement of strategic goals, and ensures better management of processes and systems. As strategies and structures are aligned, work requirements are also realigned, and teams are formed.  The proficiency of each team member is assessed against and developed towards meeting work requirements.   

In addition to the widely accepted team development stages of forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning, teams in every structure, whether together for some time or whether newly formed, should be assessed against, trained, developed, and coached, building both attitude and aptitude to meet, and exceed, work requirements. 

Working side-by-side with our clients’ project managers, Sabot will coach and assist them in the completion of projects. In this service model, a single consultant may be leveraged to coach two or three of your project managers. We can also combine this service with PMO improvement, concurrently coaching and mentoring Project Managers, while also bringing consistency and process rigor to your PMO.

Key Staff Augmentation

Sabot Consulting is a strategic business partner but in the case of distinct business objectives or specific project requirements, Sabot assists their clients through augmentation of key resources. The goal is to supplement staffing requirements with a potentially rare set of talents.