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Leadership Development

The purpose of Leadership Development is to strengthen the critical skills of key leaders in achieving organizational and personal success. 

Leaders develop quickest through a rich set of on-the-job experiences. Therefore, Sabot’s methodology is designed to be highly collaborative (open, candid conversations), in practice (on the job), and in meritocracy (evaluated with feedback, as a basis for improvement). 

Leadership is more than being results driven – it is the ability to provide resources, remove obstacles, make decisions, coach team members, and communicate well. Leaders should demonstrate sound ethics & empathy, commitment, a ‘can-do’ attitude, reliability, and trust others to do their work in the best conceivable way. Leaders unlock talents, recognise, and reward contributions of team members in fair, equitable ways. Best practice leaders set direction, are results driven, know the score, and pay attention to detail. 

Sabot, making the most of a leaders’ [or a group of leaders] experience and talent, strengthens their role through coaching, mentorship, continuous improvement projects, and enriches skills in conflict resolution, problem-solving techniques, decision-making, participative management, facilitation, and creative skills.