Customer Centric Practices

Customer Experience

The spirit of Service Excellence is about human values, dignity and respect. A Code of Conduct, Service Level Agreements, and Service Excellence Principles are commitments to live out the rights of the customer.

All best practice organizations place high value on their customer / supplier relationships. The better the collaboration between customer and supplier teams, the better the creation of value.

Sabot’s area of expertise deals with the creation of a ‘people centered, service-oriented ethos’. We help our clients:

  • To achieve a customer-centric organization with access to, and an embedded concept of, ‘seamless’ service delivery strategies.
  • Assess customer needs and supplier requirements using measured customer journey mapping, and track customer satisfaction and supplier performance.
  • Set Service Standards that are meaningful to the customer and used as a basis for customer feedback.
  • Develop and communicate their Complaints/Compliments procedure. Customer feedback is used as a platform to leverage continuous improvement.
  • Establish customer consultation forums towards open and transparent relationships. Customers are well informed, know their rights, and there are innovative efforts to improve information sharing practices.
  • Establish effective communications management.
  • Ensure an understanding of the principles of quality management.
  • Establish and communicate team-based action plans for improving customer / supplier relationships.